Antec X-1 Cooler for Xbox One

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Product Features

  • Keeps Xbox One running up to 30% cooler
  • Rubberized, Non-Skid Platform for charging your remotes and more
  • Dual temperature displays the temperature of your room and the Xbox One
  • Automatic On and Off, starting at 86 Degree
  • Silent Fan for minimal noise during game play
(as of 11/14/2018 01:10 UTC - Details)

Product Description

The X-1 Cooler for Xbox One keeps your Xbox One running at optimal temperatures through hours of video streaming or your most intense multiplayer matches. The powerful cooling fan efficiently draws hot air away from your console and directs in to the rear exhaust vent, promoting better airflow in the most cramped entertainment centers. The X-1 Cooler is tested to reduce console temperatures by up to 30%, so you can focus on your gaming and not worry about your system overheating or dropping frame rates ruining your gaming session. Dual temperature sensors keep you informed on how hot your system is running, as well as the temperature surrounding your console. And for performance when you need it, the temperature-sensing switch automatically activates the ultra-quiet cooling fan when the consoles reaches 86 Degree. With its very own USB port, your favorite must-haves, like your controller, Play & Charge kit, or any compatible accessory will work in harmony with X-1 Cooler. The sleek for

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