The economy is taken it’s biggest hit in decades over the last 18 months or so. Many families are struggling and the increasing cost of energy is just one more hurtle they must overcome. Using wind energy to help cut your electric costs is one easy way you can help out the planet, and your finances.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider using the wind for your electricity needs:

1. Completely free to use. Wind is available anywhere in the world.

2. Technological advances in the way electricity is generated from the wind makes this a highly reliable source of energy. Just one turbine can save you up to 60% off of your energy bill.

3. Wind turbines are available in smaller residential sizes that can easily fit in your backyard and even on your roof.

4. One home sized wind turbine can create the same amount of electricity as 5 solar panels. You can use the turbine day or night. Solar panels only work during the day when there is sunlight.

5. With advances that are still being made, wind turbines will only continue to get more and more efficient which means that you will be able to benefit from improved electricity creation and storage techniques in the years to come.

In order to protect the environment and save some money it only makes sense to fully utilize whatever resources we have available to us.

Instead of spending fortunes to find new pockets of oil and then pump it to the surface and refine it (all of which creates a lot of negative impact on the environment) why not spend time and money finding sources of energy that are free to use, renewable, and friendly to the planet? For these reasons using wind energy just seems like a no- brainer to me.


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