Today we have the ability to provide the energy we need inexpensively and without harming the environment. There are many cheap energy sources available and I’ll describe a little bit about them.

If you want to help the green effort but are afraid that it will cost extra money especially at a time when money is tight, don’t worry. Some of the things you can do to go green will be more expensive such as buying organic foods and buying all natural cleaning products.

But there are some things that won’t cost any extra money and can actually save you money all the while being better for the planet.

One thing you can do to save money and decrease your impact on the environment is to use green, renewable energy sources. These are more readily available than you might think.

Solar energy and wind energy are two forms of renewable clean energy. You can install solar panels to convert the energy of sunlight into electricity and/or you can install a small wind turbine to convert the energy of the wind into electricity.

Both of these sources of energy are readily available, renewable, and completely harmless to the environment. One or both of these energy sources can save you around 80% off of your utility bills, another big plus!

For the solar panels and the wind turbine you can even decrease your initial investment considerably by building your own. It’s really simple to do. You don’t need to know anything about how the technology works to use it.

After all, few of us really understand how a computer works, but we still use it! Why not start benefiting from cheap energy sources today? Take some time to find out more about solar power and wind power, decide which option is best for you and your home, and then build it yourself.

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