Looking for ways to save money this winter, and all year long? You’ve come to the right place, I’ll show you some easy energy saving tips that can help you cut energy bills and maybe even come out ahead of the game!

For most people there are two main areas they spend on energy: their car and their home. The home is usually the number one source of high energy bills.

Here are some things you can do that will help you whittle those utility bills down to a more reasonable size…or get rid of them completely!

1. A trip to your local home improvement store is like a trip into Wonderland. There are so many products available for the homeowner to help make our homes energy efficient.

Start with insulation, add it almost every where. Add it to your attic, your pipes, your water heater, your garage door, and even behind your switch plates and outlets.

Than make sure you have new furnace filters, you should replace them monthly during heating season.

2. Repair or replace windows and doors. Other than a lack of insulation this is the second biggest culprit in losing heat. If you can’t replace them you can at least buy insulating window kits and provide another barrier between you and the cold outside world.

Get some caulk or expanding foam and patch up those gaps around your windows and doors.

3. Generate your own electricity. That’s right, you can do it very easily. For around 200 bucks you can build your own wind turbine that will turn the energy of the wind into usable electricity for your home.

It’s an easy project to do and it should only take about a day. Just get a book to walk you through the process step by step, get your parts, and you’re on your way. You’ll save around 80% on your energy bills.

That’s it, some simple, cheap steps you can take to cut energy bills. Go for it!

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