If you’ve decide it’s time to take back control of your budget and you’re going to start by cutting energy bills, you’ve picked a great time. With winter fast approaching, along with those huge utility bills, now is the time to take a few simple steps that will save big over the months and years to come.

Many of the things you can do are simple but will save you hundreds of dollars in heating costs this season alone. Here are a few of the easiest changes you can make today so you can save more tomorrow:

1. Have your furnace inspected by a HVAC professional to make sure it is running properly. If your furnace isn’t tuned up it will have to work harder and burn more fuel. Make sure you change your filters every month too.

2. Install a programmable thermostat. This may sound like a little thing but it’s not. It will not only help you save money but it will also keep your house at a comfortable temperature.

You can program it to lower the heat during the day when no one is home and overnight when you’re sleeping. You can also set it to raise the temperature right before you get up in the morning or when everyone returns home in the evening.

By doing this your house is always a nice toasty temperature for you but you don’t have to pay to keep it at that temperature all day long.

3. Add caulk around all of your doors and windows. Add insulation to your attic and behind electrical outlets. If you can afford it, buy new energy efficient windows and doors. If not use a insulation kit over your old drafty windows.

4. Invest $200 and a weekend of your time and build your own wind turbine. You don’t need any special skills just buy a manual and follow the step by step instructions.

Cutting your energy bills isn’t hard just follow these steps today.

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