Many of us dream of being able to take more control over our finances. One of the biggest expenses we have as homeowners is our utility bills. Wouldn’t it be nice to find an inexpensive home renewable energy source? Well, here it is!

The most common types of clean, green, renewable energy for your home are solar power and wind power. Both of them can really help you save big on your energy bills without having to invest thousands of dollars to set them up.

Many homeowners have been using solar power for years. This inexpensive method of turning the energy of the sun into electricity can fit right on your roof.

While it can make a dent in your electric bills one or two panels won’t provide all the electricity your home needs daily, and it won’t supply any electricity at night.

Wind power, on the other hand, is a little newer concept, at least for home use. That’s because up until recently the technology for converting the energy of the wind into electricity wasn’t good enough to make a small turbine worth the effort to install.

But that has changed, in a big way. Now you can generate about 60% of your homes energy needs with just one turbine.

You can even build the turbine yourself even if you’re not an engineer or carpenter, and the cost is less than $200. Just buy a plan that will show you how to do it, go to your local home improvement store and buy the parts, and take a few hours of your time, and you’ll be set.

Home renewable energy is a viable option for homeowners for the first time ever. Between advances in technology and easy to follow plans that make it easy for you to build the panels and turbines yourself, it’s viable for you to generate the majority of the electricity you use and save yourself a lot of money in the process.

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