Reduce, reuse, recycle. That is the mantra of going green. It’s quite easy to do for most people, it just takes a little readjustment in your thinking.

This three step process can be started today. Start with reducing. Just don’t use as much as you used to: don’t drive as much, don’t use as many disposable things as you used to, don’t keep using as much fossil fuels as you used to.

Instead you can use reusable bags, cups, and grocery bags. Combine trips so you don’t drive as much, and build our own energy sources such as a wind turbine for your home.

All of these steps will help you use less and save more. They are all very easy and inexpensive to do yet the payoff can be huge.

The next step is to recycle. Again, this is an easy step to take. There are some things you will need to use that can’t be re-used, such as cans from your groceries. For these things you can lessen the impact on the environment by recycling them instead of throwing them away and clogging up the land fills.

More and more communities have some sort of recycling program for their residents. I live in a tiny town and they pick up my recycling bin on the same day they pick up the trash. It couldn’t be easier. I just throw newspapers, cans, bottles, etc into the recycling bin during the week and take it to the curb on trash day.

Just a little bit of thought and a little bit of extra effort on your part can make all the difference in the world. And if you need more motivation, remember that many going green changes will actually save you money, sometimes a lot of money!

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