You know it seems like anytime there are tough times the scum comes out from under their rocks. With the economy so challenging you are practically tripping over people who are promising ways to help you save money.

One of these things is using home wind to power a wind turbine and cut back on your electric bill. The question is: does it really work? The answer is: yes it does, for many people.

Wind energy isn’t a new concept but what is new is the ability of the average homeowner to be able to benefit from using it.

Up until recently turbines were huge,noisy, inefficient monstrosities that just weren’t good for home use. Now turbines can be mounted on a rooftop yet still generate over half of the electrical needs of the average family.

Of course, if you wanted to buy a turbine, it still isn’t really viable for home use because of the big price tag. It would literally take you several years to get those upfront costs back.

Building your own turbine, however, is viable for pretty much anyone. It can be done for a mere few hundred dollars and in just a day or so of effort. Any tools or materials that you need to construct the turbine can be purchased locally.

Of course it’s not going to supply all the electricity your house needs. If that is your goal you’ll need either several turbines or to combine your turbine with solar panels or some other source of renewable energy.

So if you’ve ever wondered if using home wind to run your turbine and save you money on your energy bill was really possible, yes it is. Go for it. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be saving money.

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