There is a saying: ‘What was old is new again’. It’s more true now than ever. When this country was just starting out our ancestors took pride in their independence. Now it seems like people want it back, and one way is to get off grid and produce their own electricity instead of paying the utility company.

There are a few ways you can generate your own electricity, each has it’s pros and cons. I’ll list two of the main sources of home electricity generators and list a few of the pros and cons of each so you can decide which is best for you.

Solar Energy

For many years we’ve seen solar panels on the roofs of homes all across the country. The panel absorbs the heat from the sun, converts it into electricity and than stores it for later use.


1. Once you have the panels installed it’s a free source of energy
2. It doesn’t pollute and it’s renewable


1. It doesn’t work with out sun so you will only generate energy on sunny days and for about 12 hours a day when the sun is actually up.
2. One or two panels won’t generate enough electricity for your home.

Wind Power

In order to harness the energy of wind you will need a turbine that can convert that energy into electricity and store it in batteries for use later.


1. You can build your own turbine for little money so it doesn’t cost much to set up.
2. Non-polluting, renewable energy source.


1. Will only work when there is wind.
2. One turbine won’t be enough to meet all your household electrical needs.

I hope this brief overview has given you some ideas as to what you will need to do to go off grid. As you can see, a combination of solar and wind power might be the best way to achieve your goals.

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