No one wants to spend any more of their hard earned money on utility bills than necessary. Today we are lucky, we have options. With the advance of technology we have cheap energy sources that can help us cut, or eliminate, our utility bills.

If you’ve ever considered generating your own electricity, and stop sending so much money to your utility company every month, you’ve picked a great time.

Advances in the technology of wind power and solar power have made it easier, and more economical, than ever for the average homeowner to utilize these alternative energy sources for their household energy needs.

In order to harness wind power and solar power you will need either a wind turbine or solar panels. Either of these things can be purchased or built by you for a significant savings.

Solar power has probably been the most commonly used alternative energy source in the past. Solar panels have been on rooftops for a dozen years. They are a great way of generating electricity for your home.

The biggest drawback of solar energy is that you won’t be making any electricity at least half of every day- night.

Wind energy hasn’t been used as much for personal, household use until fairly recently. That’s because when it comes to using a wind turbine to harness wind power bigger is better.

Up until now the technology wasn’t good enough to make a small unit feasible. Now it is.

You can build a small wind turbine and generate around 60% of your electricity needs for free, and it will only cost you $200 to build.

To use wind power you will need a fairly open space so the wind has an unobstructed route to the turbine.

It doesn’t matter which cheap energy sources you use: wind power or solar power, or even a combination of both. You can save substantial amounts of money by using what nature has provided for free to heat and cool your home.

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