Nintendo is indeed a big company in terms of making video game systems. It even surpassed the ERTS which is a giant publisher of video games in the United States, but then again, Nintendo concentrates more on the consoles than developing their own games. Nintendo has a bigger market cap since it produces more high-end products. The stock price run-up of Nintendo is the result of the improved perceptions of some investors about its future prospects and good press release.

Regardless of the price increase in Nintendo’s shares, it has been justified by their low market value. Generally, Nintendo attracts the interests of most investors for many important reasons. The Nintendo Company operates within an exciting industry having long-term perspectives. The game systems are reasonably priced compared to other companies. Their business is considered truly unique providing wonderful intellectual properties appealing to investors and article write ups.

The company became a good steward of intellectual properties. They are very careful on the protection of their beloved characters images and extended even up to the company’s strongest franchise.

Nintendo game systems are considered deadly when talking about its marketing. It is considered as shadows behind Microsoft and Sony corporations. However, taking a closer look at what they have developed, you will find out its advantages and disadvantages.

The Wii revolution developed by Nintendo can be considered as a powerhouse console. It is tracking a different direction in the console gaming industry compared to other existing game consoles. The Wii revolution has a nunchuck cordless controller, provides full backward Gamecube compatibility and an additional online library for game downloads. This Nintendo product could certainly pose as a great threat to the other consoles when it is released on November 2006.

When buying a game system, most people considers the prices. It makes a big difference regarding the market sales of many companies. Prices of game systems play a major role in the war of game systems. The Wii revolution of Nintendo can be an excellent choice since you can purchase it for only 250 dollars, cheaper as compared to other game systems. The Gamecube games in Nintendo Wii can be played on the latest console using Gamecube controllers and Gamecube memory cards.

The Nintendo Wii enables the differentiation of Nintendo’s games from other competitors. Most of Japanese gamers believe that Nintendo Wii will be leading the console wars. It is considered as a good investment especially if you give much priority on handheld gaming.

Nintendo also have handheld systems released for the new generation handhelds. The Nintendo DS has a slim-cool-techno design and its games are stored on cards similar to the looks of SD’s. It is equipped with two screens where one is a touchscreen which can be used with a stylus. Infra-red was also built in together with a slot where games from the Game Boy Advance can be inserted.

Nintendo DS provides a game library that are really great. It can also play the GBA games. The users can also chat to their friends using the Pictochat program. They can also download the Nintendo homebrew software for playing. The battery and its backlight are also reviewed as very satisfactory.

The Nintendo DS is appropriate for people who do not show great interests in playing MP3 music or films. The users also don’t wait for a long time on loading the games. In this case, the Nintendo DS beats the PSP when loading games on the games library. The disadvantages include the inability to play GBC or GB games, wrong positioning of A & B buttons, and a very delicate design of the touchscreen.

Nintendo is purely an entertainment company. However their games sales are intertwined inextricably with console sales. In addition, their hardware sales do not affect much of the total sales. Since Nintendo games sell the consoles itself, it directly affects game play experiences acting as platforms.

Nintendo games are closely associated with platforms of video games. It mainly focuses on making good games, the reason why it churns out only a small number of games itself. Compared to other console manufacturers, Nintendo Company started life being an entertainment company since it was popularly known for its games.


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