It doesn’t really matter what subject you talk about there are always people who are going to have different opinions. Whether or not you should build your own wind turbine is one of those subjects. There are thousands of people who have taken the plunge and built their own, there are also many people who think it’s a waste of time.

I don’t know the technical aspects of how a turbine works. I do know that the energy of the wind is converted to electricity which is then used or stored in a battery for later use.

Turbines do come in sizes small enough for you to use in your own backyard. They also come in different shapes even though the most common is the wind mill style. You can build your own turbine in a couple of days for a few hundred dollars, all the parts you need can be found at your local hardware store. Many homeowners have had savings of up to 80% off of their electric bills.

The downside of building your own turbine is the upfront expense and the time. It’s also important to note that while one turbine can help you save money on your utility bill, it won’t supply enough electricity for all of your household needs. You will still need to pay for some electricity from your utility company.

Of course in order for your turbine to work you will need wind. Since it’s not going to be windy every day there will be days when you won’t generate any electricity.

In this case you could supplement the electricity from your turbine with solar panels, geo-thermal, or other forms of renewable energy, or just buy it from your utility company.

For most people the relatively small investment in a wind turbine is a good investment. While it won’t be enough to get off the grid, it will give you some control over your utility costs as well as bragging rights to all of your friends.

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