So many of us are interested in learning more about alternative sources of energy. We want to be good to the planet, and we also want to save some money and stop being victims to the big corporations greed. If you’ve ever wondered which is better solar or wind power, read on.

There are very strong opinions, and arguments, on each side of the debate and for many people the answer to the question which is better might be ‘both’. Each type of power has it’s strengths and weaknesses so sometimes it might be best to combine them and maximize the strengths of one while minimizing the weakness of the other.

For either source of energy to be truly viable for the average homeowner you’d probably want to build your own wind turbine or solar panel. Buying them would make your upfront costs so high that it will take a lot longer to recoup your investment.

Since it is easy and inexpensive to build your own solar panels and/or wind turbine you will recoup your investment much more quickly without a lot of effort.

Solar panels are a great source of energy if you live in an area of the country that gets a lot of sunny days. The downside is that you still have to contend with nighttime and you won’t be generating any energy when it’s dark.

Wind turbines would work pretty much anywhere because there aren’t very many places that don’t get wind. Of course you’d want to be sure that you get wind frequently and in high enough wind speeds to generate energy.

You will also need a fairly open space or at least be able to mount your turbine either on your roof or on a tall support. A wind turbine tends to generate the same power as about 5 solar panels.

The best way for you to go might be to use both wind power and solar power and get the best of both, sunny and windy, worlds.

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