Wind power is becoming a very popular source of renewable, environmentally friendly energy. Many industrialized countries are starting to incorporate wind turbine technologies in their energy generation strategies. The good news is that you can use the wind for your home energy needs too.

We all know that using our ‘traditional’ fossil fuel energy sources are not good for the environment. They pollute, are costly to refine, and are running low, or at least we have to go to greater depths and harsher climates to gain access to them.

Wind, on the other hand, is everywhere. Perfecting our wind gathering technologies so we have better ways of converting wind into electricity as well as better methods of storing the electricity should be one of our main priorities.

But how can you use the new wind energy technologies to save money on your electric bill? Simple, you can build your own backyard, or rooftop, wind turbine.

If you’ve been noticing funny looking ‘wind mill’ things popping up in your neighborhood you may have wondered if your neighbors have lost their minds or if they just know something you don’t. The truth is that there are wind turbines made especially for home use, they are small and can be mounted in the backyard or on a roof.

You can buy one for anywhere from $600-$12.000 or you can build your own for around $200 with parts from your local hardware store.

Most people will be able to generate up to 60% of their homes electricity needs from one wind turbine. That is a significant savings especially when you figure that you can continue to save that amount indefinitely, as long as your turbine is up and running.

Building, or buying, your own wind turbine for home use is a great way to go green and help the planet as well as provide you with significant savings. Don’t wait, start using wind power today, you’ll be really glad you did the next time you get your utility bill in the mail.

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