Many experts have predicted that our reserves of fossil fuels will be exhausted in about twenty years. Whether or not you believe that’s true one thing is clear: it’s time we started finding alternative energy sources.

Wind energy is one of the most viable forms of alternative energy sources available today. We are lucky in that current advances in technology have made it feasible for wind power to be used by the average homeowner.

Before you decide if wind power is the best way for you to go, check over this list of advantages to using wind power:

1. Wind power is clean and will not pollute or harm the environment.

2. It is renewable. Unless things change dramatically there will always be wind. Wind is always being ‘created’.

3. Wind power is plentiful. Anywhere you go on the planet you will be able to find wind. Unlike fossil fuels we won’t be able to use up all the wind on the planet.

4. Inexpensive to install. To really benefit from wind energy you should build your own turbine. To buy one would cost thousands and take much longer for you to recoup your investment.

But you can easily build your own for only a few few hundred dollars. It’s an easy project that will only take a few hours of your time.

One turbine won’t be enough to provide all your energy needs. In order to go completely off the gird you would probably need a combination of wind and solar energy.

But one turbine is enough to help you save hundreds of dollars on your utility bills while enabling you to use that much less fossil fuel.

All in all, using wind energy to supply some of your household electrical needs just makes sense, for you and the planet.

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