I looked out my window the other day and saw something different in two of my neighbors yards: wind turbines. Two of my neighbors built and installed their own renewable energy source, I asked them how they did it…

They told me they bought a manual that showed them in easy to follow step by step instructions how to build a turbine for home use. It clearly laid out what materials they would need to buy so they knew just what to ask for when they went to the store.

Basically a turbine is simply a machine that can turn the energy of wind into electricity and then store it for use later or use it immediately. I don’t know all the technological ins and outs and you don’t need to either.

The total cost was less than $300 and it took just a few days to build. The parts were found right in the local hardware store. They hooked their turbines up to simple batteries so they could save the electricity they create to be used later.

The average savings on the utility bills is around 80%. That will work out to at least several hundred dollars in just a few months, more than enough to recoup the cost of building their turbines in the first place.

One small turbine won’t be enough to allow you to go off the grid, but saving 80% on your utility bills, especially when the investment in wind turbines was only a few hundred dollars to begin with, will definitely make it one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

So as I sit sipping my coffee and looking at the neighbors windmills spinning happily in the wind, and saving them money, my only question is: when can I start?


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