We all know that fossil fuels aren’t the great energy source we thought they were. One of the most promising source of alternative energy is wind energy.

A lot of us have become very disillusioned with the big oil companies. While we’re scrambling to keep our heads above water, in part because of higher utility bills, they were making record profits. For this reason a lot of us would like to be able to generate our own electricity and get off the grid once and for all.

That’s probably why so many people are building their own home wind turbines. They can save money, help out the environment, and be more independent and less reliant on their utility company.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you are interested in using the power of the wind and building your own wind turbine:

1. If you wanted to buy a turbine you would have to pay $600 and up. For many it would just take too long to get that money back so it doesn’t make sense to go that route.

2. But, you can build your own turbine very easily and it won’t cost you more than $200. You don’t need any special knowledge and you can have a turbine built in just a few days.

3. Even though one turbine won’t generate enough electricity to get you off the grid, it can be enough to generate about 60% of your household energy needs and save a bundle on your utility bills.

4. If you aren’t planning on staying in your home for at least a few more years, it might not make sense for you to install your own turbine.

Hopefully these points will help you decide whether or not wind energy makes sense for you . Building your own turbine is a viable option that can save you thousands of dollars, or more, over the life of your turbine.

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