When we think of using wind energy many of us immediately picture the wind farms with hundreds of gigantic wind mills scattered across acres of land. The good news is that you too can harness the wind and generate electricity right in your own backyard.

Many people don’t realize it but wind turbines come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve seen several in my local community that are attached to rooftops and almost look like some sort of sculpture. They’re small, compact, and even attractive which is why several local businesses that have converted to wind power for their electricity needs.

Y0u can use these same principles for your home. A small, home sized, turbine can be purchased for between $600-$12,000, or you can build your own for a few hundred dollars. It will only take a day or two to build and you can even make it into a family project.

One small turbine can cut your electric bill by up to 80%. That is significant especially when you remember that that savings will go on as long as you keep your turbine running.

There is something you need to keep in mind though, one turbine won’t supply your home with all the power it needs. You will still need to buy some of the electricity you use.

To save even more electricity you can install several turbines and/or combine your wind power with solar power and install solar panels too. Between these two sources of renewable energy you’ll be able to utilize a wider range of resources: on days when there is no wind you can use the sun and vice a versa.

No matter what you choose to do: buy a turbine, build your own turbine, have multiple turbines, or combine wind energy with solar energy, you still have a viable option when it comes to going green and saving money, just pick the option thats right for you and start today.

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