Now that we’re, sadly, saying goodbye to summer and facing the prospect of high heating bills, it’s a good time to consider alternative energy sources to take the bite out of our utility bills. Using wind power, while not a new concept, is one of the best places to start.

Turbines work by converting the energy of the wind into electricity and then storing that electricity for later use. The bigger the turbine the more electricity a turbine can generate (assuming, of course, you have enough wind).

The good news is that even a smaller sized turbine can still generate up to 60% of the energy the average homeowner needs for their household energy consumption.

If you are considering installing your own turbine you should know that if you choose to buy one it will cost you $1,000 or up. But, you can easily build your own in just a few days for around $200, and still realize the same level of savings.

Many of the home sized models can be mounted directly on your rooftop. Just make sure you don’t expect to be able to get completely off the grid with just one turbine, but you can expect to save 80% off your electric bill with just one turbine.

Wind turbines can provide you more energy than a solar panel. For example, one turbine generates the equivalent amount of electricity as 5 solar panels. Solar panels are also limited to sunny days, they won’t work at night while wind turbines can work virtually anytime there is wind.

If you want to put wind power to work for you than you’ve picked a good time. You can easily and inexpensively build your own back yard turbine, in just a few days, and enjoy the savings for years to come.

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